Wine and Dine

March 19, 2010 at 1:46 am (Uncategorized) (, )

So one of the prevalent themes in this blog is (or will be) how my aunt never really throws anything away, which brings me to this post… A couple of  days ago, while having lunch my aunt thought it would be nice to have some wine with our meal, so the maid (it’s pretty common in Mexico to have a maid to help around in the house) asks whether she should open a certain bottle… this usually means some ancient bottle unearthed from the depths of the basement,  so I tell her to show me which bottle she means because we had an incident a while back with wine gone bad that was not exactly pleasant…

Here comes the Wine!… In the dustiest bottle EVER! And judging from the dust pattern the bottle had been stored in a vertical position as opposed to laying down the way it should be. That was the first warning sign… Next I look at the label, which read ” Vintage of 1937″ 1937!!!!!! The bottle was over 70-year-old, so I tell my aunt, and she insists that it can’t be from 37, “It probably says 87” she says, and of course I can’t really prove otherwise because she has very poor eyesight, so I tell her to take my word for it. “Well I’m sure it’s good anyway, wine doesn’t spoil”….

So i pour a glass of this surely unspoilt 70+ year old wine, which I’m assuming used to be white wine, because it was somewhere between orange and amber. How did it smell? I can’t say it was unpleasant really, but definitely not how any wine is supposed to smell, a little like rubbing alcohol, but kinda sickly sweet. However my aunt decided that it had a wonderful scent…. but  decided against drinking it after I said that I for one wouldn’t risk drinking a whole glass.

I’m trying my best not to let it happen, and I’m pretty sure you can’t die from drinking old wine, but one of these days my aunt and uncle will die poisoned by something in that house (and frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already).


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